Staple Hill Methodist Church Bristol

Welcome to the church on the hill

Since October 2010 we have remembered those of our fellowship who have died in the previous year by dedicating a tree to them in Overscourt Wood, Siston Lane, Bristol BS16 9LR.  The wood is part of the Forest of Avon, and was first planted in 1998.  It is possible to visit the wood, but individual trees are not marked.  However, the Forest of Avon keeps a record of dedications.  We remember and celebrate our friends at a memorial service on the Sunday closest to All Soul's Day, (see calendar for details each year), and a certificate to mark the dedication is presented to their families.

We remember with love and thanksgiving in

2009-2010:  Elizabeth Ann, Dorothy Hunt, Eve Newman, George Nicholls,  Edna Stokes, Pat Taylor, and Baby LP.

2010-2011:   Arthur Bennett, Fred Blatchford, Keith Jefferies,  John Jones, Phyllis Jones, Mary Powell, Gordon Lovell, Pat Watts.

2011-2012:   Gervais Yapo Allomo, Hilda Brown, Terence Callaghan, Terry Hopton, Gladys Hunt,  Clifford Savage, Bessie Stratton, Maude Taylor.

2012-13:  Audrey Beedell, David Beedell, Arthur Brain, Kath Brain, Jean Blakesley; Winifred Cartwright; Rita Cockram, Margaret Hodges, Ken Keen, Glyn Powell,  Elsie Pring, Sue Sullivan, Pat Timmons,  Maureen Webb

 2013-14: Clifford Bailey; Margaret Brock; Win Collins; Iris Dando; Audrey Nichols.

2014-15:  Mary Bennett; Tony Osborne

2015-16 Janet Joy Brown; Pamela Dring; Eileen Monks; Jim Stevens; Margaret Willmott; Ruth Woodman.

2016-17:  Anne Britton; Ernest Galbraith; Vera Gladwyn; Mary Snell; Kathleen Stone

2017-18: Jean Elvins; Jean Hanmer; John Harding; Doreen Howarth; Doreen Hulbert; Reg Jenkin; Betty Kingston; Doris Pitman

2018-19: Suzanne Ayepi Kossoh, Miles Belfield, Cyril Haire, Nora Hill, Mary Jones.  We have included in our dedications Joe Davis and Anne Saunders, whose families chose to have their funeral services at Staple Hill. We also remember three former members of our fellowship who died this year: Christine and Andrew Watson and Mike McGrath. 

2019-20:  Roger Britton; Albert Fisher; Marion Jefferies; Betty Martin; Molly Savage; Geoffrey Timmins

2020-21   Jean Bence, Gertrud Black, Michael Gibson, Kathy Lowe, Jean Myall, Graham Philpotts, John Shaw, Gillian Weeks.