Staple Hill Methodist Church Bristol

Welcome to the church on the hill

Music at Staple Hill

Staple Hill church has wonderful acoustics, and a great organ. We are also blessed in having two organists at the church, and we have produced a beautiful CD of all them, plus one former organist,  playing a varied repertoire of church music.  The album is called "Hark, what a sound......" and is available from or   It costs a very modest £6, and all profits go to the restoration/maintenance fund for the church- Staple Hill is a lovely Victorian Methodist church, but its upkeep is a constant concern for us. 

For many years we have had an excellent concert series, roughly once a month, with choirs from Wales and SW England, and occasionally the USA.  These have had to be suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic;  we did try to restart them before Christmas 2021, but were defeated by the new Covid variant!  We look forward greatly to having them once again, and welcoming an audience to our lovely church with its fine acoustics.