Staple Hill Methodist Church Bristol

Welcome to the church on the hill


HARVEST IN THE YEAR OF COVID-19.  We had our usual socially distanced service, taken by Mrs Jenny Clark, to celebrate this strangest of Harvest festivals.  We cannot sing hymns aloud, but the tune was played for us by Aylwyn, and then John Edwards read the words out.  We have all noticed that this sometimes allows a deeper appreciation of the meaning.  Jenny reminded us that the ancient Israelites understood the Earth's recurrent need for recuperation and a rest from exploitation, captured in the celebration of the year of Jubilee every 50 years, when the fields were left unsown, and God's bounty was praised.  We have lost sight of this truth, but 2020 has in some ways been a year when we have been forced to allow the earth to rest, and have been ourselves nurtured by the beauty and diversity of the natural world.  We could not, as we usually do, collect for the Julian Trust this year, as it is unable to operate, but all week members had been slipping in with gifts for the harvest, and these will go to the Hub and the Bristol Methodist Centre instead..