Staple Hill Methodist Church Bristol

Welcome to the church on the hill


November 2010.

As part of our calling to care for God's planet, and in line with the resolutions of the Methodist Church of England and Wales, we have decided to register our intention to become an eco-congregation.  We have undertaken a church audit to look at our strengths already in this area, and to assess what else needs to be done.  We have already taken a few steps; we had a study weekend at Sidmouth in 2009, to explore the Christian dimensions of the challenges facing our environment, and this will be followed by a Lent Bible Study in 2011.  We have had a linked series of services to explore and discern the issues further. All committees and organisations linked with the church have been asked to sign up to a commitment to ensuring that eco issues are integrated into their activities and plans.  We will be looking at how we can make the front garden more wildlife friendly, and have started a programme of replacing light bulbs with eco-bulbs.  We are publishing an occasional  page of hints and information on environmental issues with our newsletter. We have made links with S Gloucestershire Council's projects on the environment, including representation at their four monthly Environment Forum.  We have also agreed to mark the passing of members  of our fellowship by dedicating a tree at Oversbury Wood in Siston, part of the Forest of Avon project. (See also In Memoriam )

Much remains to be done, and our need to redevelop and repair the building will have major implications for our commitment to minimising our carbon footprint.   This page will be updated as we take new initiatives.