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Welcome to Aboseh's family!

Posted by maymorning on June 20, 2019 at 10:10 AM

We are delighted to welcome Aboseh's family to Britian and to Staple Hill.  He has been waiting for a long time for them to be able to join them from Cameroon, but in the end they came in a great rush, because of an administratice hiccup.  He has been joined by his wife Mojok, Aloys-West, their son, who is 16 years old; Eyole, their second son, is 12 years old, and Kuku, the youngest daughter is 6 (very soon to be 7!).  They have a grown daughter who is engaged to be married and will be moving to Bahrain.  This is a time both of great rejoicing and great upheaval for the whole family, and we pray we will be a support to them all as they adjust to their new cicrcimstances- not least the miserable weather we are eperiencing!


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